Community Offers Input on Twin Lakes Recreation Improvements

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COLUMBIA- Community members offered their input about the proposed renovations to the Twin Lakes Recreation Area Thursday in Columbia. Approximately 20 people were in attendance at the meeting hosted by Columbia Parks and Recreation.

Park Services Manager Gabe Huffington said the goal of the meeting was to get the community's opinions of the renovations. Improvements to the dog park, Little Mates Cove, and other parts of the park were discussed at the meeting. 

Much of the discussion surrounded the needs of the dogs, especially the little ones. One of the improvements of the dog park includes developing a small dog park. For Ann Peters, this addition is a step in the right direction to keep dogs of all sizes safe.

"I think it's a great idea. I think it's a safety issue. Even in play big dogs can accidentally run over small dogs. And when you have a hundred pound dog that runs into a 10 pound dog, the big dog is going to fare better."

Huffington said $250,000 will be used to implement these changes. Other improvements to the dog park might include a dog wash station, benches, lights, and turf renovations.

Gabe said renovations should begin in October once approved.