Community Rallies to Help Sick Baby

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VERSAILLES - A family rallied Friday and Saturday to raise money for 14-month-old Aria Robinett, a baby battling cancer.

The fundraiser included a barbecue, bake sale, raffle and balloon animals, all to help the Robinetts pay for medical costs.

Aria was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 18-days-old.

Her family was told she would only survive two months. After two rounds of chemotherapy, followed by a brief period of remission, Aria is still battling cancer... more than a year later.

Aria's father, Josh Robinett, said he and his wife were combining chemotherapy and holistic treatments. However, insurance only pays for half of the treatments.

When Aria's cancer returned despite chemotherapy, the Robinetts were forced to switch to a different form of treatment.

"Right now we're trying more organic stuff so we're not pumping anymore bad chemicals into her body, doing it the natural way," Josh Robinett said. 

Robinett said Aria isn't responding to the new medications the way her family had hoped she would. At this point, doctors are focusing their efforts on making her as comfortable as possible.