Community weighs in on possibility of new Jefferson City high school

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Public School's Superintendent Larry Linthacum presented information to the community on his recommendation for a new high school, renovations and additions to the current high school and tax increase.

The tax increase would fund and operate the new high school and provide district-wide instructional resources.

The tax increase would be a total of $1.10, from $3.69 to $4.79.

Linthacum said there is a greater need for a new high school rather than a new elementary school and many of the faculty and staff agree there is a need for a second high school.

Community members in attendance at the meeting also saw the need for a second high school, but emphasized the importance of doing it right.

"This second school has to be right and exact. There's no other way. We can't have the have and have nots. We can not," one parent at the meeting said.

The projected cost to build a second high school and renovate the current high school is a total of $130 million.

The JCPS Board of Education approved the ballot measures for April 2017:

  • Vote #1: 4/7 majority or 57.14% to pass
    • Issue bonds for construction
    • $0.65 of $1.10
  • Vote #2: Simple majority to pass
    • Costs to operate second high school
      • $0.25 of the $1.10 increase
    • Costs for instructional needs grades K-12
      • $0.20 of the $1.10 increase