CoMo Cares Surpasses Owner\'s Expectations

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COLUMBIA - An organization in Columbia exceeds expectations this holiday and has the owner "pleasantly surprised."

CoMo Cares is an organization that provides struggling parents resources to properly care for and support their children. The organization takes in donations (from diapers to Dora the Explorer) and resells them at a discounted price.

The nonprofit launched its first resource center earlier this December, and owner Sabrina Lambrecht said the nonprofit is doing wonderful.

"[In the beginning] we didn't really have any specific goals," Lambrecht said. "We were more excited to see how it worked-how many sales we could make and how well it would do with the people. I was pleasantly surprised by how well [CoMo Cares] has done. It's been a great, great month for us."

Lambrecht said she started CoMo Cares from her home in 2012. She worked with customers one-on-one and took orders from her basement. She said she is completely honored at what CoMo Cares has become.

"We were really busy this month, and I think it was thanks to the grand opening," Lambrecht said. "People who have been following us this whole time I think were excited for us to have an actual location. We have some pretty loyal customers."

CoMo Cares is in the process of attaining a grant to help provide customers with a rent-a-pump program for mothers who want to breastfeed their children. Lambrecht says the organization is also looking into expanding its Healthy Bottoms Diaper Bank. Lambrecht hopes to achieve both of these goals in 2014.

Lambrecht would like to thank everyone who has donated and helped support CoMo Cares, especially this holiday season.