CoMo Connect revises bus routes after first 3 months of service

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COLUMBIA - CoMo Connect bus riders can now pick up the new bus schedule booklet for the new bus routes that begin next Monday, November 3.

CoMo Connect changed two bus routes from the original schedule and adjusted the timing of a few other routes. These changes were made by taking customer feedback and from bus tracking data CoMo Connect normally monitors.

"Regular feedback from our customers is critical for CoMo Connect to be successful in the long run," said Columbia's Multi-Modal Manager Drew Brooks in a news release. "It is a service designed to benefit the community , so it's important that we can adjust and adapt to what we're hearing from customers."

Regular bus riders have a slightly different idea of what "adapting" to the customer means to them.

"Sometimes the bus route will say 20 minutes, but it's actually 30, so it's inaccurate, and it's hard to plan your traveling routes," said Jazmene Craig, a frequent bus rider.

Craig said communication regarding late busses, break downs, or anything else that could cause the bus to be off time should be a priority for CoMo Connect.

The new routes and times for CoMo Connect busses will take effect November 3.