CoMo Gives already seeing more donations

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COLUMBIA - The CoMo Gives campaign is in its second year and is well on its way of doubling its donation total from last year, with some organizations already seeing more donations.

CoMo Gives is an effort to raise donations for non-profit organizations in a one-stop-shop for donors to choose an organization to give to. It's also a way to breed competition between the non-profits. 

"We want to double the total money from last year and I think we are well on our way of doing that," said John Baker, the Executive Director for the Community Foundation of Central Missouri. The Community Foundation of Central Missouri hosts the main platform of, but does not compete. Baker says the plan is to double the donations from last year. 

We Always Swing Jazz Series is on of the competitors and says they are already seeing a better effort this year.

"I am excited to see how high the leader board will go. You know we have already surpassed our total that we raised last year in just these few days," Josh Chittum the Assistant Director of the Jazz Series said. "And I think PedNet is close to the amount they have raised from last time. So it is safe to say that como gives round two some folks have worked out some of the kinks and some of the bugs and really hit the ground running and that is great for everyone."

Marketing campaigns are key it seems and most of the organizations, including CoMo Gives are using Twitter. "The ability to put out a small ask of just ten dollars to just a few thousand twitter followers really has the potential to be huge and net money for people not only in Columbia but people far outside of Columbia," Chittum said. "I like the idea of bringing outside money in to fund the arts, or our arts or other organizations."

Competition is also built into the campaign. The website lists the top 5 organizations on the home page and a full ranking in just one click. There are are also prizes that organizations can win for random categories. "It is all on the business themselves. We do nothing but help them adjust their website to get to the site," Baker said. 

Chittum said it is a friendly competition and this just proves how Columbia feels about the non-profit organizations.

You can see the entire list of organizations and donate at