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COLUMBIA - Business is slow just about everywhere in mid-Missouri, but one local shop owner is using this time to help out businesses just like his. 

Fast Yowi Tees launched a website to benefit local businesses in Columbia. offers customized shirts with the logos of businesses affected by the stay-at-home order. 

Reid Lyle, the owner of Fast Yowi Tees, said with business slowing down, he decided to do something with his time.

"We went from 100 miles per hour to zero in literally a day it seemed like," he said. "So I said we've got the infrastructure in place to do something like this so we might as well do it." 

The site allows customers to pick shirts from more than 60 bars, restaurants, and shops. 

"If they don't make it through this, we won't either," Lyle said. 

Every shirt on the site is $25, but most of that money won't go to Lyle. He is sending $20.45 from each shirt to the business depicted on it

The program was initially supposed to run through April 14, but Lyle said he could see it running far beyond that.

All he asks is that customers be patient while waiting for their orders.

"Our business was deemed non-essential, so we're really not going into work right now," he said. "As long as the customers will tolerate not getting their shirt for a while, I'm fine with continuing to take the orders." 

Customers will receive their orders when the stay-at-home order is lifted.