CoMoGives sets new donations record

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COLUMBIA - Thursday ends CoMoGives' third year and 2015 saw more donations than the two previous years.

CoMoGives is a campaign to raise end-of-the-year donations for nonprofit organizations within Columbia and Boone County. Donations are made through a website,, where organizations you can donate to and total donation amounts are listed.

CoMoGives is put on by the Community Foundation of Central Missouri.

The first year of the campaign there were thirty organizations, and 2015 had seventy-one organizations involved. The campaign raised a total of roughly $280 thousand dollars by ten o'clock Thursday morning.

Executive Director of the Community Foundation, John Baker said he expected those numbers to increase more before the end of the night.

"This year we are on track, it's a little less than actually thought with the number of new organizations that we would have this year at this point, but you never know tongiht's going to do," Baker said. "New Years Eve is a big night. It has been the first two years and we expect the same thing this year."

"We Always Swing" Jazz Series Executive Director Jon W. Poses said he's very excited to receive donations. "CoMoGives represents about forty percent of our annual contributions," Poses said. 

Despite having the most donations Thursday afternoon, Poses said he hopes all groups involved do well with donation numbers. "We want all of central Missouri to realize this is a very good vehicle for them to contribute to make their end-of-year donations, we like to see all the groups do very well."

The first year the Jazz Series raised under $5 thousand, and in 2014 it raised about $20 thousand. 

The campaign does not set goals, Baker said they provide the campaign structure but it is up to organizations to encourage people to go on the website to donate. 

Those wanting to donate are able to receive a tax benefit for their donations.