Company Finds Old Explosives North of Columbia

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BOONE COUNTY - Workers from APAC-Missouri, Inc were cleaning up some scrap metal from the facility's site when they discovered a magazine containing explosives Monday afternoon. APAC immediately reported the incident to the Boone County Fire Protection District.

The firefighters worked with the Mid-Missouri Bomb Squad to safely remove the explosives. They determined that the explosives were dynamite, and were able to render the explosives safe. The explosives were 20-30 years old, and their condition warranted most of the concern.

Due to the potential for an unexpected explosion, precautions were taken within a 1,000 foot radius from the explosives. The Missouri State Highway Patrol shut down Highway 63 near the Prathersville Road exit for roughly 90 minutes Monday afternoon. In addition, nearby residents were notified of the situation as well.

APAC was unaware of the explosives before Monday, and is unsure where the explosives came from or how they got on the property. An investigation is ongoing. APAC does not use explosives at this facility.

No explosion occurred and there were no injuries.