Computer sales rise this tax holiday weekend

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COLUMBIA - The tax holiday weekend is here and shoppers are bumping up computer sales. From Aug. 7-10 shoppers can buy certain items like school supplies, clothes, and computers without the sales tax. 

Due to COVID-19 rates increasing daily, more students are leaning towards online courses. 

Now some computer stores are getting more foot traffic in the store than usual. 

The Mizzou Store’s Tiger Tech assistant manager, Maggie Brown-Peoples, said that the store already expected an increase in sales due to the rise in online pre-orders for laptops. 

“Compared to last year, being that I worked in Tiger Tech last year, you can tell the increase in these online orders. The increase is just super high because there’s just so many online orders—pre-orders for people who just want to reserve for the tax holiday weekend.”

Brown-Peoples said the store usually sells around 100 computers for the holiday weekend, and now sales are up by almost 50% this weekend. 

On previous weekends, The Mizzou Store’s sales tax is 8.475%, but this weekend it’s 3.75%.

Brown-Peoples said that customers are taking advantage of the weekend especially for the savings.

“When you’re purchasing computers as low as $899 and up—computer tax on those can be high. So you save a significant amount waiting for tax holiday—going from that 8.475% to 3.75% you definitely see a difference. We had someone in the store who calculated and I think she said ‘Well we saved about $104 today,’ so it’s a difference.” 

Some students are going online for the school year because of COVID-19 and Brown-Peoples said the store noticed the increase in sales because of that reason. 

“More people are going to need more things, and just out of safety they’re going to order more things. It makes the store more busier in certain aspects. I know as for Tiger Tech the online orders were way more than I could remember previously. A lot of people are purchasing online and coming to the store to pick it up since we are opened now.” 

One shopper, Sydney Jackson, said she waited this weekend to purchase a laptop because other resources weren't available to her. 

“I figured that since school is going online that I really needed something to actually do work at home. Previously I’ve went to the library or the clubhouse but those resources were not available, so I needed to go get a laptop. I know most of the money you spend on laptops is coming from the taxes so I waited.”

Brown-Peoples explained that the store prepared for the hectic weekend by organizing both phone and online orders, gearing up on supplies, and included safety measures to protect others from COVID-19. 

She said she’s anxious, but ready for what’s to come. 

“It could be stressful, but it’s all about the outcome. I see an amazing outcome for this weekend.” 

Visit the Department of Revenue to see what sales tax exceptions include.