Concealed weapons permits at recent low in Boone County

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COLUMBIA - Boone County is on track to have fewer new applicants for conceal and carry permits (CCW) in 2014 despite the general assembly's recent overturn of the governor's veto of a gun rights bill.

Boone County Sheriff's Department registered 383 new CCW permits this year, which is down by half from the same time last year. A new CCW permit means the applicant has either not had a CCW permit before, or has allowed their previous one to expire and had to apply for a new permit.

"There would be a natural expectation for an increase based on the fact that the eligibility age is being reduced from 21 to 19," said Maj. Tom Reddin, Boone County Sheriff's department.

A manager at Black Rifle said the store experienced an increase in interest in CCWs after the veto was overridden but has since returned to "business as usual."

"We're definitely seeing a lot of younger people coming in and checking on it," said Mike O'Dell, Black Rifle Manager.

O'Dell said there was more interest, but Black Rifle will not sell a handgun to someone under the age of 21. He said the only way for people under 21 to buy a handgun would be in a private transaction.

The law will officially go into effect on October 10.