Concerned Mother Wants Synthetic Drugs Gone

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COLUMBIA - One mom voiced her concerns about synthetic drugs at Monday night's Columbia City Council meeting.

Laura Cornelison spoke about how the legal synthetic marijuana, or spice, has affected her family. She said her 14-year-old son almost died after suffering from seizures and hallucinations caused by the drugs.

The drugs are legally sold at head shops and convenience stores in Columbia. The legal age to purchase synthetic drugs is 18, but Cornelison said it is easy for children to get access to them.

"Basically what this is is poison, and it's being sold in town and our children have access to it in convenience stores and kids over 18 can walk into head shops and buy it without being carded."

Some signs that children might be using the drugs include not being able to concentrate, failing grades and running away.

"It's not just the bad kids, good kids do it because it's legal and they think, 'It's sold in the store [so] why not,'" Cornelison said.