Concerned Student 1950 interrupts UM Board of Curators meeting

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COLUMBIA – Concerned Student 1950 protesters interrupted the UM Board of Curators meeting Thursday to present their demands to leaders.

Protesters came in with signs saying “Wake Up,” “No Justice, No Peace” and “#IStandWithMelissaClick.”

One university leader banged her gavel to silence the protesters, but they continued on with their protest.

“I stand with Melissa Click because she knows that just because the media has to make a deadline doesn’t mean they can disrespect stories, narratives and communities,” said one of the protesters. 

Another protester said, “I stand with Melissa Click because, unlike reporters, she has respect for us.”

Group leaders presented a list of demands to curators including:

  • A demand for Tim Wolfe to write a handwritten apology to Concerned Student 1950 and to admit his gross negligence consenting to physical violence.
  • A demand for the university to abide by the agreement they made in 1969 for the betterment of the black community.
  • A demand for curators to enforce racial awareness and inclusion in the curriculum throughout all campus departments. A board made up of students, staff and faculty of color must oversee this enforcement.
  • A demand for the University of Missouri to increase black faculty and staff to 10 percent for the academic year 2017-2018.
  • A demand for leaders to implement a strategic ten-year plan by May 2016 to increase retention rates for marginalized students and a safer campus.
  • A demand for the university to increase funding for the counseling center for the purpose of increasing funding for mental health professions, particularly those of color, and to increase counseling center awareness.
  • A demand for an increase in funding, resources and personnel for social justice outreach on campus and increasing campus wide outreach and visibility.

Other group members then came forward and shared why they stand in support of former MU professor Melissa Click before the group left chanting “I said power.”

Concerned Student 1950 interrupted the meeting twice. The UM Board of Curators continued with their financial presentation after the protest.

During the meeting the curators discussed the university’s budget and credit rating. S&P reaffirmed a strong AA+ credit rating for the university and assessed the UM enterprise profile as very strong with consistently solid operations, stable resources and a reasonable debt burden.

Members of the finance committee said the university’s credit rating was in the top ten credit rating of higher education.

The Board of Curators also discussed retiree benefits and the search for a new University of Missouri president. Both will require open forums before moving forward.

Curator John Phillips lead the discussion on the presidential candidate search. Phillips said the board will put together search committees within the next month.

“Number one, we hope to make sure that each campus has a representative on the search committee and number two, there will be diversity reflected by the additional members,” Phillips said during the meeting.

These committees made up of UM faculty, students and staff to help decide the new president. The open forums will be held during the first week of April, according to Phillips.

The board voted and approved the search committees at Thursday’s meeting. The board will meet again on Friday.