Concert Inside the Walls brings large crowd to kick off Fourth of July weekend

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JEFFERSON CITY – The Concert Inside the Walls brought in over 1000 people to watch artists like The Steve Griggs Band, Wynonna and the Big Noise as well as others.

The concert on Saturday kicked off a series of events going on throughout the weekend before the Fourth of July.

This is only the second year Jefferson City has been able to use the Missouri State Penitentiary for a concert.

Executive Director of the Jefferson City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Diane Gillespie said that the opportunity to use this as a venue is one of a kind.

“I guess our goal is to show this community and the surrounding communities that there are other options to use this venue,” said Gillespie. “We do the tours here on a regular basis March through November, but it’s a great venue for this type of event and we want to continue to grow with it.”

Steve Griggs, the singer from The Steve Griggs Band, is performing and served 21 years in prison himself.

During his sentence, Griggs realized he had made a mistake and turned his life to music. His practice and performances began while in prison.

“I used to have concerts just like this in the prisons, when they would allow me. All the guys loved it and really liked us playing. So, whatever prison I was in, I would put a band together and play music for them," said Griggs.

"That gave me a great opportunity to test out the new songs I wrote and see how the guys liked it."

He is now touring throughout Texas and made a stop in Jefferson City for the show on Saturday. He says he is thankful for the opportunity.

“I think it’s great. I believe our country is the greatest country going. So, the Fourth of July means a lot to me that's for sure,” said Griggs.

The concert is just one addition to the series of events being held in Jefferson City for the Salute to America series.

You can find more information about the events on the Jefferson City Conventions and Visitor’s Bureau website.