Confederate flag rally travels to mid-Missouri Walmart

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JEFFERSON CITY -  A Confederate flag rally traveled through mid-Missouri Saturday afternoon.

Around 20 people of all ages drove cars and trucks from a Walmart in Fulton to a Walmart in Jefferson City.

The event's organizer, William Meyer, said he chose Walmart to depart from and arrive at because the company stopped selling items that displayed Confederate flags. 

Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans came to the Jefferson City Walmart. Missouri Division Commander Darrell Maples said as long as the rally stayed peaceful, he supports the rally's message.

"As supporters of the Confederate flag and our Confederate ancestors, we wanted to be here to see what it was all about," Maples said. "We've had conversations with the folks that are organizing this and they indicate that it's all about heritage and history -- not hate. And of course, that's what we support too."

Meyer said onlookers showed support and opposition. 

Missouri's NAACP President Mary Ratliff said she does not support confederate flags being flown pridefully and would rather see the flags in museums. 

"They talk about their love for the confederate flag and what it stood for," Ratliff said. "It stood for slavery, bondage, cruelty, and all hatred and all of those things that we should be trying to do away with in the society of today."

Ratliff said racism is still rampant in the country. 

On Twitter, another person also expressed his opinion about the event.



Meyer said even though this was the first event he has put on like this, he may try to make it an annual rally.