Consignment Sale

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PARIS - A record setting crowd turned out for an annual January consignment auction in Paris, Mo. Saturday. More than 5,000 people attended the auction of used farming equipment.

Wheeler Auctions and Real Estate's Linn Pondany explained the auction continues to grow, and each year bigger than the last. People from across the country and more than 400 people from around the world bid on items. Pondany said used farm machinery is still selling, and this explains the growing crowd.

For most bidders the goal was to find a good deal. And for some they've been attending auctions for most their lives, as this saves them a lot of money versus buying a brand new piece of equipment.

"Well yeah there's a lot of little estate sales and little farm sales since I was just a little kid. Like I said they are a fun place to meet your neighbors and things like that and once in a while you can find something neat," Clark resident John Smith said.

Smith said this is about the largest auction in the Midwest. For him this like a farmer's version of the super bowl.

The auction is an immediate sell. There were more than 1,000 pieces up for sale and by the end of the auction every piece had a new owner.