Constant Snow Delays Road Clearing

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FULTON - Fulton and Jefferson City crews are playing catch up tonight as constant snow prevented salt trucks from the roads.

The roads in Jefferson City are considered "snow packed" according to one official. Roads in Fulton were slightly better, but the snow was less intense.

As the snowfall slows down tonight, crews will work to clear the roads by morning.

Officials for both Jefferson City and Fulton believe the roads will be clear by tomorrow morning.

A Jefferson City official stressed for people to stay home if possible, if they had to leave he recommended for them to stick to major roads.

Current road conditions in Jefferson City can be seen online by going to

Snow removal in Fulton will cost the city more than $70,000 (Jefferson City gave no estimate on the cost for its snow removal).

Fulton City Engineer Greg Hayes said the cleanup is accounted for in his budget.

"Our calender runs from December to January," Hayes said, meaning the city still has room for the snow's removal.

Snow removal for the first inch of accumulation cost the city around $23,000 because the city must rent the necessary equipment and buy supplies.

The price per inch of accumulation drops to around $10,000 after the first inch.

With the storms projected total accumulation being more than six inches, removal is costly.

 Hayes said he ordered more supplies in anticipation of another snowfall Friday.