Construction Begins on State Highway 179

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JEFFERSON CITY- Route 179 in Jefferson City between Route C and Edgewood Drive closed Monday for construction.

A new roadway, Mission Drive, is being built to allow motorists to access a new St. Mary's Medical Center site.

"It may be a headache but the benefits are worth it," said resident Don Buffington.

Buffington added that those who live in the area near the work will see another positive.

"Everyone's property value will rise," Buffington said.

Not everyone agrees with that assessment.

"It will affect me at least once a day," said motorist Demi Rackers.

Many other motorists also felt the same way.

"It makes it harder to get to the boulevard and harder to get to places that are on that side of the (Southwest) boulevard," Rackers said.

The one mile stretch will reopen sometime in November but the project will be finished in one year.