Construction on H124 and Route B

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BOONE COUNTY - Contractors working for the Missouri Department of Transportation will begin shoulder paving operations between Centralia and Hallsville during overnight hours beginning Monday.

The $3 million project will include construction on Highway 124 between Centralia and Hallsville and Route B between Centralia and Brown Station Road in Columbia.

Federal and state tax funds will pay for new guard rails and four-foot asphalt shoulders on the highway. MoDOT officials said the improvements will help prevent head-on collisions on the roads.

"Due to the high amount of traffic and high speed, there was a need for new safety improvements," said Aaron Peck, resident engineer with MoDOT. "In the last five years, there have been five fatalities on the stretch due to head-on collisions."

In addition to new guard rails and shoulders on the road, Peck said new rumble strips will be installed.

"When you hit them with your car, they make your whole car vibrate and shake. So basically it is to help wake people up and get them alert again." said Peck.

Crews will continue to construct concrete barrier and guard rails on the Silver Fork Creek bridge west of Centralia in preparation for resurfacing operations in the coming months, according to Sally Oxenhandler of MoDOT communications.

"The work will be active between 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. We will have one lane closed, so there will be a flagger out there that people can expect." said Peck.

The entire project is scheduled for completion by the middle of the summer.