Consultants Present Outline of New Development Codes

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COLUMBIA - Clarion Associates in conjunction with Ferrell Madden presented the outline for the city's new development codes at a meeting Tuesday.

The city hired the consultants earlier in the year to survey the current codes and talk to residents about concerns and issues they have with the current codes. 

Clarion visited with property owners and city officials in Columbia in February and used their comments to help shape the outline for the new codes.

Don Elliott is the director for Clarion Associates. He says he wants to make sure the new codes are up to par with what the community expects.

"You may think that it's hard for us to hear all your concerns, but we do and we take them into consideration" Elliott said.

Elliott said the old codes were "outdated and kind of strange" and the new revisions would make the code easier to follow and more specific to the needs of the community.

Elliott says he looks at two things.

"We look at the things that look wrong to us and we also look at the goals that the city wants to achieve," Elliott said.

To look at the outline in full you can visit the City of Columbia's website.