Controversial EEZ Board to Meet Tonight

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COLUMBIA - The recently re-established Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) board will meet Wednesday evening at 5:30 in the community room of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce building at 300 South Providence.

The board isn't expected to vote on a final map yet, and board members say they aren't in a hurry to vote.  They say they want to take their time and investigate the zone as much as they can.

The EEZ board is tasked with making recommendations to the city council regarding the Enhanced Enterprise Zone and the declaration of blight in Columbia.

After several months of controversy, the city council scrapped the original EEZ board, but then voted unamiously to re-establish this board.

To establish the EEZ, some areas of Columbia would have to be declared blighted.  The EEZ would provide tax abatements for certain types of businesses that would move to the blighted areas.  The backers of the EEZ say it will bring more jobs to Columbia, but opposition say it would hurt Columbia by decreasing property values and decreasing revenue through taxes.

The meeting is scheduled from 5:30 to 7:30 Monday.  KOMU will continue to follow this story.