Controversial MU Candiate Hosts Public Forum

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COLUMBIA - A former U.S. Army psychologist and candidate for the position of division executive director at the MU College of Education answered questions Tuesday during a public forum on the MU campus.

Currently the dean of psychology at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, Larry James is one of two candidates being considered for the position. 

Faculty and students from the College of Education along with community members gathered to hear James' prepared statements and ask questions about his qualifications for the job.

James spoke for a half hour, then took questions from faculty before answering questions from community members. Those questions centered around James' work at Guantanamo Bay while he was enlisted in the U.S. Army. 

James led a team of psychologists there in 2003 and in 2007-2008 at Guantanamo. He also worked with interrogations at Abu Ghraib detention facility in Irag in 2004.

Education dean Daniel Clay addressed a group of protesters Friday on MU's campus, saying he was taking the publics concerns very seriously.

Clay said he will hand down a hiring decision by the beginning of March.