Cool Sculpting

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COLUMBIA- DeSpain Cayce Dermatology Center and Medical Spa in Columbia is offering a slightly "cooler" service for those looking to shed a few pounds. 

The process is called "cool sculpting." KOMU spoke with Cooling Specialist Stephanie Flakne, who explained exactly cool sculpting is all about.

"It is actually a process that uses cooling technology to cool fat to a precise temperature and destroys the fat cells, and then your body absorbs them gradually over time," Flakne said.

She also said the process is virtually painless, but patients may experience slight discomfort at first that passes very quickly. She said that this treatment is not one where patients have to keep coming back to see their doctors.

"Studies have shown that it is actually as permanent as liposuction. So, in other words, the cells are permanently removed but if you gained 100 pounds, obviously then fat cells would redistribute to that area."

Flakne said the one-hour service will cost patients around $1,400. She also said patients could expect to see results in about twelve weeks after they receive the treatment.