Cooper County Community Hospital sells to Pinnacle Health Care System 2

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BOONVILLE - The Pinnacle Health Care System, Inc. bought Cooper County Memorial Hospital and its related companies.

RHG Consolidated LLC invested more than $3 million to stabilize the operations of the hospital in February. Their plan was to replace the hospital's existing facility with a new one. 

Pinnacle Health Care System approached RHG with an offer to purchase the hospital, and the transaction closed last week. On Friday, the technicalities were completed.

According to a news release from Cooper County Community Hospital, "Under its agreement with RHG Consolidated, LLC, PHCS will honor all previous contractual commitments to the citizens and government of Cooper County and will continue to provide all current services." 

"Pinnacle Health Care is looking to expand its services there at Cooper County Memorial Hospital," said Megan Rogers, Pinnacle Health chief business development officer. "We're interested in brining more services into that community."

Those new services include bariatric surgery, spine, orthopedic and chiropractic care. Pinnacle Health also plans to invest in new equipment for the hospital, hoping to create a critical care unit and update radiological and imaging capabilities. 

Boonville Mayor Ned Beach said he’s pleased with the transaction and thinks this bodes well for the future of the hospital.

"I’m confident that Pinnacle will help the hospital provide the best care to its patients,” Beach said. “We’re glad the hospital will remain in Boonville in the long run.”