Cooper County emergency warnings now include landlines

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BOONVILLE - Cooper County residents will now receive calls to their landlines warning them of severe weather. 

Beginning on August 30 the Cooper County Emergency Management Agency updated their system, called Nixle, to include landline calls. 

Residents' phone will ring and an automated message will give information about the hazard in the area. The phone calls will be sent out when warnings are issued by the National Weather Service. 

Larry Oerly, Director of Emergency Operations, said it is important to include land lines in the warning so everyone is included.

"There are still older adults out there, an example of my mother who didn't have a smart phone. She just had a little flip phone. So, we felt it was very important to be able to notify those people and sometimes people turn their cell phones off on silent at night when they're sleeping" Oerly said. "And so if your phone rings and you have a home phone it's going to wake you up."

According to a press release, residents will receive calls for the following situations: blizzard warnings, earthquake warnings, ice storm warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, and winter storm warnings. 

Unlike cell phone alerts, these calls will come at any time of the day or night. 

Cooper County residents can also receive text alerts.

"You can sign up by texting 888-777 and then entering, for our case a Cooper County zip code."

Oerly said the agency chose to only send out alerts in the case of warnings because it wants the public to be aware of hazards, but does not want them to be overwhelmed and turn off alerts from Nixle.