Cooper County Hospital Moving Toward Electronic Medical Records

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BOONVILLE - Cooper County Memorial Hospital officials said Thursday a new $1.6 million contract with Meditech, a Massachusetts-based software vendor specializing in health-care records, will transition the hospital from paper medical records to an electronic medical record system. After hardware, software and infrastructure installations, the deal will total about $2.5 million.

Cooper County Memorial Hospital CEO Allen Waldo said the deal will be finalized within a week. The installation process will begin as early as November and the full system should be up and running by the end of next year. The system will allow records to be found easier than before and be accessed from many different places, unlike the paper files.

Waldo added there will be a cut-off date, that has not been decided upon yet, where the systems will go up. Records of patients before that time will remain on paper.  New files going forward will be in the electronic system.

The search for a new records system took the hospital about one year. The other two companies that were considered were based in Kansas City and Minnesota. Waldo said the Meditech records system is widely known and similar programs are used in Sedalia, Clinton, Bolliver and Jefferson City.

Vice President of Media Relations for the Missouri Hospital Association, David Dillon, said most hospitals are generally moving toward electronic medical records because of their benefits.