Cooper County Two-Year-Old Dies in Gun Accident

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COOPER COUNTY - The Cooper County Sheriff's Office released information Thursday about a 33-month-old child who accidentally shot himself in the head and died Tuesday night near Otterville. The sheriff's office said the child got a hold of a handgun when he was at home with his father.

The sheriff's office said officials rushed the child to Bothwell Hospital in Sedalia, and then transported him by helicopter to Children's Hospital in Columbia.

"The parents and grandparents are wonderful people. We support them. The entire community supports them. Again, I cannot stress how wonderful these people are," said Otterville mayor Brenda Turpin. "If any organization needs anything, they are there. Other than our prayers, that's all we know what to do."

The sheriff's office said an autopsy of the child was conducted on Wednesday, and preliminary results indicate the shooting was accidental. The investigation remains open, pending a final autopsy report.