Cooper's Landing Prepares for Flooding

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BOONE COUNTY - Land right next to the Missouri River remained dry on Monday, but fears increased that might not be for long. South Smith Hatchery Road and South Easley River Road both run right next to the river which is currently at about 21.5 feet in the area.

South Smith Hatchery Road will close if the river reaches 24 feet and South Easley River Road will close if the river reaches 26 feet. Both roads are needed to access Cooper's Landing, a river port marina in the area.

Mike Cooper, the owner of Cooper's Landing, said if the river is going to flood he will have to move picnic benches that people sit on next to the river. Cooper said he had to move them last year when water reached as far as the base of the door to the marina's main building.

Cooper said whether or not the area floods depends largely on rain. "It's a lot to ask that we don't have any major rain anywhere up stream from us in the next two months," Cooper said.

He said he will have to close temporarily if the river reaches 26 feet. Cooper uses the Boonville gauge to track his water measurements because it is upstream from his business.

"There's nothing I can do about it by worrying. So, all I do is prepare for it the best I can. I just try to be optimistic and think that maybe we'll have less rain this summer than we've had the last couple of years," Cooper said.