Cost Of Goods Rise With Gas Prices

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COLUMBIA - The rising price of gas is likely to cause a chain reaction, raising the costs of other goods. Gas in Missouri rose 10.8 cents in the past week, according to The national average is 12.6 cents per gallon, and increased 36 cents per gallon in the past month.

KOMU went to five different stores, all of them denied our request for an interview.

The shoppers we talked to said grocery shopping is more difficult because prices are going up. One said she has to pay greater attention to sales. One shopper said fruit prices are especially high.

"I'm a stay-at-home mom so we have a single income and so we have to pay really close attention to sales and what stores are doing...specials and stuff like that," said Gabbie Worley of Hallsville. Worley said she usually stays in Hallsville for lower prices and avoids Columbia.

Another man said gas prices usually increase in the summer, but he noticed the rise in price starting earlier this year.