COU shutdown causes "airport confusion" for prospective students

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COLUMBIA – As the University of Missouri gets ready to showcase its campus for prospective students this weekend, those already in town say the shutdown of Columbia Regional Airport has been a problem for them.

“We had to cancel the rental car and then chose flights into Kansas City, but when we tried to get a rental car there, there were 3 different rental car companies that were all out of cars,” parent Adrian Miller said.

She and her daughter, Ashley Miller, were on campus for a tour Wednesday. Their flights from Denver to Columbia were canceled. Snow moving into Denver is making it hard to fly out of Kansas City, too.

“Can’t get flights there, can’t get flights out of KC, so if nothing else, maybe we’ll just drive home,” Adrian Miller said. 

Show-Me Mizzou Day is scheduled for this Saturday on MU's campus. MU spokesperson Christian Basi said the event is designed for people who are already in-state.

“It is an opportunity for us to showcase the University of Missouri to Missouri citizens throughout the state,” Basi said.

Basi said he hasn’t heard of anyone coming in from out of state having trouble getting to Columbia because of the airport shutdown.

The Miller’s won’t be here for Show-Me Mizzou Day, and its unclear how many prospective students will be trying to get to Columbia from long distances.

Ashley Miller said there’s a positive side for families dealing with travel changes.

“This whole airport confusion has kind of worked in my favor because it means that I have more time to do homework,” she said.

Ashley Miller said she’ll start working on her four-hour take home test tomorrow.