Council to Authorize Controversial Rezoning Plan

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COLUMBIA - City officials will work on authorizing a development plan that will commercialize an area of land on the Southeast corner of Bethel Street and Nifong Boulevard at Columbia's City Council meeting Tuesday night.

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted for the project with a 5-1 vote after a public hearing last month, but that doesn't mean everyone is happy about the decision. Neighboring residents began a petition against the rezoning and it's garnered almost 150 signatures. They say their biggest worries about the plan are storm water runoff and increased traffic in the area.

The rezoning proposal calls for 17 acres of the property to be commercialized into three sections. The first, Area A, is closest to residential areas and won't allow certain businesses such as bars, liquor stores, adult establishments, and drive-thru restaurants to be built in that section. Area B bans those same businesses but allows for medical or dental clinics. Area C allows for drive-thrus, animal hospitals and grooming shops, hardware stores, and grocery stores.

The Columbia City Council meeting begins at 7 PM and is open to the public.