Counterfeit money swirling around Fulton businesses

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FULTON - The Fulton Police Department WAS actively trying to identify a suspect Tuesday who used counterfeit $100 bills at a few Fulton businesses.

The businesses include Casey's General Store, Sutherlands, Fulton Cinema, and C and R Market.

The suspect has not yet been named, but the police department has video footage of the incident happening at one of the businesses listed. 

Police said the suspect committed the acts in a span of a few hours and they believe it was all done by the same person.

Sutherlands manager Chris Cummings said an incident with a counterfeit bill happened a few weeks ago and reminded his employees to be extra aware of the transactions being made. 

"It's a great learning experience," Cummings said. "Unfortunately it cost us to have this learning experience, but we did. We have a meeting. I went over with all of the employees what to look for, certainly what the bank told me and I relayed it onto my employees."

Cummings said it was the bank that caught the fake and told him what to look for to avoid this in the future.

"From the experience is you've got to be on the lookout, you've got to be vigilant, you have to pay attention," Cummings said. "There are crooks out there and they're looking for the easiest way to make a quick buck."

Sergeant Joe Schramm said the size, color, and feel of the bill can tell if it is obviously fake. 

"So, if you get a bill that's real smooth like a regular piece of paper it's most likely counterfeit."

Schramm said another way someone can tell if the money is fake is by the variation of serial numbers on the bills. Real money has its own unique serial number on the bill. But counterfeits do not.

"They'll have the same serial number," Schramm said. "If it has the same serial number its an obvious counterfeit."

He said one of the most obvious ways to catch a counterfeit bill is to be aware of the transaction.

"You have to look at the transaction," Schramm said. "If someone walks in and they buy a stick of gum and they give you a one hundred dollar bill that should raise a red flag."

Fulton police want to remind business owners it can be difficult to spot a counterfeit, but to always be mindful of the transaction being made. 

"You should take extra precaution and double check that bill." Schramm said.