County Humane Society Cannot Take In More Animals

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FULTON - When calling the Callaway County Humane Society this past week, callers may have found the message there a bit disappointing.

According to Humane Society President Sandy Corbet, due to a lack of funding, the shelter will be unable to take in and shelter new animals until December. She said the society is working on raising some money this fall to help compensate for lower donations.

"If we waited until at least the first of the year, or after December, we have several fundraising things we do. We have a fundraising drive in the fall, and we thought that would bring in some extra money that we were looking for," Corbet said. 

Corbet said the society generally keeps its bank account around $9,000 to $10,000, and is currently looking at a bank account of about $3,000.

Corbet said that donations from some consistent and longtime donors have also gone down. Part of the problem, she said, was that many people were confusing the county humane society with Fulton's Garrett Animal Shelter and its fundraising campaign to build a new shelter, to which the humane society would not have access to bring rescued animals.

"Garrett Animal Shelter is the city's animal control center. They only take care of animals that are in the city limits. The Callaway County Humane Society is responsible for all the animals in the rest of Callaway County," Corbet said.

 The Callaway County Humane Society operates through the help of volunteer foster families for these animals. Any money the shelter brings in goes toward vet bills, which covers the spaying and neutering of animals, shots and any other medical assistance the animals may need.

Corbet has already taken in six rescue animals into her own home. She said when asked where to take animals besides the humane society, she suggests Central Missouri Humane Society, although she knows it is filling up fast as well.