Couples committed, recommitted at Bridal Cave

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CAMDENTON - This Valentine’s Day, Sunday, about 500 couples renewed their wedding vows at the Bridal Cave in Camdenton.

Bridal Cave, a cave that's part of Thunder Mountain Park, had its first wedding in 1949. Since then it has been home to both marriages and recommitment ceremonies alike.

“It’s a community service that we offer to couples,” General Manager Steve Thompson said.

Every year the Bridal Cave organizes this ceremony on the Sunday before the Valentine’s Day. Couples come either to recommit to their partners or to get married if they aren’t already.

But this year is an exception. This year Valentine’s Day fell on Sunday. The next time Valentine’s Day will fall on a Sunday is in 2021.

“It’s magical,” Thompson said. He thinks it’s a way to give back to the community.

Bridal Cave has hosted more than 3,000 couples from around the world. The annual recommitment ceremony is free for couples.

Last year, 209 couples from seven different states came to renew their vows.  

In 2015, a couple came to recommit and they were married for 57 years.

J.D. and Alice Stewart were just one of the couples to renew their vows at the cave on Sunday.

“It's something fun to do on Valentine’s Day, it’s unique and very different than anything else we would do,” J.D. Stewart said..