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COLUMBIA - These days there are lots of people excited about using coupons. Thanks in part to the new reality TV show called extreme couponing.

So now I bet you're asking: where the heck do I start? Rest assured there is absolutely a middle ground for those who still want to be able to park the car in the garage and don't have 30 hours a week to extreme coupon.

So if you want to save money, this is the time to start listening.

If clipping is new to you, start with the Sunday paper. That's where you'll find them. Grab an ad from the stores you already frequent. Buy a Sunday paper. Start an envelope of coupons, and match them to products on sale that you use. Don't throw any coupons away unless they've expired. It could be weeks or even months before a coupon could become useful.

Sometimes experienced couponers don't pay anything for a lot of household items thanks to sales matched with coupons.