COVID-19 Town Hall: New online tool helps you find farm fresh food

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KOMU 8's Emily Spain talked with Lorin Fahrmeier, MU Extension’s Farm to Institution project coordinator, about a new online tool aimed at helping consumers find locally grown food near them. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, access to certain foods has become more challenging and farmers are facing new difficulties, too. 

In this town hall, Fahrmeier discusses the Missouri Food Finder. She talks about the website's purpose and the long-lasting impacts it hopes to cultivate in our state. 

Check out her responses below.

Q: What is the Missouri Food Finder?

"The Missouri food finder is a new online tool that University of Missouri Extension created to help Missouri farmers and ranchers and local food businesses, including food pantries connect directly to Missourians." 

Q: How will this online tool help both consumers and producers?

"So, the great thing about the food finder is that producers, local food businesses, food pantries can enter their information in directly. It only takes a couple minutes. Their food business will then populate directly on a Missouri map. So, Missouri consumers can immediately find local food sources in their direct area, and be directly connected to those local food businesses."

Q: Your family owns a farm in Lexington, how is your business adapting?

"So, we have found a lot of success in online ordering, pre-ordering. And, we have found that through COVID, that we are actually connecting more with our customers, and really starting to build better relationships with them, because we're seeing them week in and week out to help them find fresh food sources."

Q: How do you hope the Missouri Food Finder will help local families?

"With University of Missouri Extension, we want to connect Missourians with Missouri farmers and ranchers as much as possible and to help them find nutritious food sources that are close to them. We're trying to bridge the gap in supply food supply chains as much as possible. And, for the long term create these relationships that will create a resilient rural and urban farm economy, that will not only help eaters in Missouri, but also help our Missouri farmers, ranchers and local food businesses."

To check out the Missouri Food Finder, click here