COVID rates lower in Boone County than other counties in Missouri

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COLUMBIA - Despite the increase in number of COVID-19 cases nationally and statewide, Boone County has seen lower rates of the virus compared to other counties.

The infection rate in the county is half that of the state with only two deaths, which is far less than expected.

Scott Clardy, assistant director of the Columbia Boone-County Department of Public Health and Human Services, said that the county was not the first area of the state to be impacted, so it was able to get ahead in terms of preparation.  

He said one of those partners was the University of Missouri.

"They were fantastic partners back in March," Clardy said.

He said they also worked with MU Health Care, Boone Hospital and the VA.

"We established really clear lines of communication, expectations, roles, and responsibilities among our partners very early," he said.

He was also very impressed with how nursing homes in the county have been able to contain the spread.

"When they found out that they've had a positive case, they quickly tested every other resident and all their staff to identify all the positive cases very quickly," he said.

He said they've been isolating right away any cases of the residents that they found, and if any cases were found in their staff, they were told not work.

"It's really just the same thing that we're trying to do at the community level only they did it in a very enclosed environment," he said. "They've really done a great job."