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COLUMBIA - So far, with no confirmed cases, Missouri is still in good shape in terms of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Dr. Christelle Ilboudo is the medical director for Infection Control and Prevention at MU Healthcare. She said the university has an emergency system in place for a potential outbreak. 

"There have been on-going regular meetings about what we are going to do," Ilboudo said. "If we were to find any case on our campus or in our health system."

Ilboudo said MU Healthcare has made rigid protocols for testing and treating patients with coronavirus. 

Ilboudo added medicine and vaccines for this new virus are in the testing stage.

"If they have mild symptoms, they can use cold medicines, or fever-reducing medicines." Ilboudo said. She pointed out that unless someone with viral symptoms has traveled to a place where COVID-19 has been found, like China or Washington State, it's very likely they have the flu.

When asked about the SARS outbreak back in 2009, Ilboudo said the two outbreak is similar. One important lessons doctors had from dealing with SARS was to keep good communication between different countries.

"That way we first identify what the virus is, then understand how it is transmitted and understand how it makes people sick," she said. "That way we can take proper prevention precaution to decrease the spread of it."