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COLUMBIA - Having a business and raising children can sometimes be a challenge. One new Columbia business helps people balance both jobs. 
The Hatchery is a coworking space where people can rent spaces to do business and provides on-site childcare. Amanda Quick said she opened The Hatchery in July after she found herself struggling to work and watch her child. 
“I was getting annoyed with myself that I couldn’t do both, wanting to be the best parent and professional,” Quick said. 
When she first had her child, Quick said she tried to work at home but said she kept finding it difficult. 
“I didn’t want to have to put my kid in full-time day care but I also couldn’t be a full-time stay at home mom,” she said. 
Quick also didn’t want to stop working, and that is where she got the idea to start a coworking space. 
"I missed that, just the work and what that brought and is who I am as a person, and so, putting it to where it’s together was how it happened,” she said.
The Hatchery provides wi-fi, conference tables, daycare rooms and a kitchen. 
"It’s definitely a new concept, and so many people have had to come in and see what it’s like, to know that the kids are in another room, and they are watched by somebody,” Quick said. 
Coworking spaces don’t just help parents with their kids, but also small business owners that can’t afford their own office. 
“Commercial rent is really expensive and not everybody, especially as a small business you don’t know what the next month is going to look like,” Quick said. “When you’re starting a business you have all of these expenses and so, if you don’t need a full-time office yet you can come here and really get started."
Amber Monaco is a writer and creator who owns a business and travels the world using different coworking spaces. She said she is visiting her sister and the children in Columbia. 
“It sounds really great, but I can get nothing done with her three kids running around everywhere,” Monaco said. 
Monaco currently uses space at the Hatchery and said she uses coworking spaces because it has good internet and is around other entrepreneurs. 
“I like that it’s some place that I can go that’s just for me. Whenever you go home you get really bogged down with procrastination and laundry and all the things that you should be doing when you’re at home, when really you should be working on all of your projects,” she said. 
Monaco said she doesn’t have any desire to have her own office, and likes coworking spaces because things like rent, wi-fi and phones are already taken care of.
“I know that this is a place that I can come that’s just for me and then I can go home, spend time with my family, knowing that all my work is already done,” she said.