Coyote Hill Christian Children\'s Home celebrates 25th anniversary

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HARRISBURG — Coyote Hill Christian Children's Home turned 25 years old Sunday.

The organization seeks to provide abused and neglected children in Boone County a safe foster home environment.

Missouri State Rep. Chuck Basye presented a framed house resolution at the event Sunday to honor the anniversary.

People gathered at the facility in Harrisburg for food, lawn games and even some horseback riding.

Development Director Kari Hopkins said Coyote Hill's methods are what make the children's home different.

"Coyote Hill is essentially a hybrid between a traditional foster family and a residential care agency. We marry those professional services with that blended family model that really gives kids in foster care a safe place to be a kid and a safe place to heal and then also grow and dream," Hopkins said.

Children that come through Coyote Hill are afforded more opportunities that most foster families are unable to provide. Hopkins said the organization's structure is one of its strongest assets.

Coyote Hill is funded primarily through individual donations. Some of the money needed to operate comes from the Department of Health and Human Services, but Coyote Hill relies heavily on the gifts from supporters.

“This is one of my favorite days of the year, it’s a day where a lot of old friends come back and it’s a great time to meet new friends. It’s hard for people to understand what we do here, so I love today when everyone can come and see the property,” Hopkins said.

Coyote Hill's mission, as well as information on how to donate, can be found at its website.