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COLUMBIA - The Washington state consultant hired to provide a full analysis and report on the Columbia Police Department has some controversy of his own.

Eric Anderson, the six-year city manager of Tacoma, WA, was voted out of office in July following a string of controversies. One in particular has to do with Anderson's defense of a delayed Amber Alert by the Tacoma Police Department, KING5 in Seattle told KOMU. 

In 2007, a Tacoma Police Department staff member fell asleep on the job and failed to deliver an Amber Alert for several hours, according to KING5. This lead to the death of a young girl. Tacoma police said the delayed Amber Alert didn't factor into the girl's murder.  

Columbia City Manager Mike Matthes, a former intern of Anderson's, hired Anderson in November to review the logistics and morale of the Columbia Police Department. 

Anderson's report was released in early March. Anderson reported "the supervisory culture is approaching toxicity." He also said the "morale of the department is extremely low," and that the "general attitude of most officers is characterized as fearful, hesitant, and uncertain."

The report makes 14 recommendations, including a review of the police chief and his senior staff's capability to manage, better communication internally and externally, pay increases when possible in the budget, and a new police headquarters that encourages communication between the ranks.

Matthes said in early March he would work in the coming month to develop a road map to implement all 14 recommendations.