cpd impaired driving crack down

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COLUMBIA - Columbia's DWI Unit arrested more than 200 people in 2016, and Columbia Police Department is on a mission to bring that number down in 2017. 

In the effort to improve that number and promote safety, from April 24-31 CPD will crack down on impaired driving. Drivers can also expect to run into more sobriety checkpoints on the roads.

According to state law, if a person operates a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or perscription medications, regardless of blood alcohol content, he or she is driving while intoxicated and thus, commiting a crime.

CPD wants to encourage alternatives to impaired driving. The department recommends ride sharing programs, public transportation and designating a sober driver.

Increased patroling and sobriety checkpoints might be cause for minimal delays in travel time throughout the week, so CPD advises drivers plan accordingly.