CPD warns of burglaires

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COLUMBIA – Burglary is down in Columbia according to the police department, and officers want to keep it that way. That’s why the Columbia Police Department is reminding residents to be prepared when it comes to burglary prevention.

East Campus resident Emily Murphy and her roommates learned to be prepared the hard way after having their home broken into.

“It’s just kind of made me nervous and pretty much just scared and uneasy,” Emily Murphy, East Campus resident said.

Over the summer, while her roommate was home, someone broke into their home. Murphy said when her roommate woke up, the contents of her purse were scattered across their living room and she was missing $100.

“We don’t know who it was or when it happened,” Murphy said. That’s why she and her roommates have changed the way they lock up their home.

“Our windows were always unlocked which, just in case we got locked out, we could always open the windows. Now all of our windows are constantly locked,” Murphy said. “We’re getting a lot better with locking the doors when we’re not there, even going to class.”

CPD said these measures are some of the first steps in burglary prevention, since traditionally, burglaries go on the rise when students get back into town.

“Burglary is an opportunistic crime,” Bryana Larimer, civilian public information officer for the CPD, said. “So unfortunately know burglaries know that we’re a college town and they’re maybe students coming in from out of town that aren’t used to locking their doors.”

In 2016, according to Columbia Police Department crime data 530 burglaries were reported. So far as of July, 287 burglaries have been reported.

Larimer said that residents should “lock, pop and drop” when it comes to protecting their homes. 

“Lock your doors and your windows, you want to pop your lights on if you’re going to be gone at night or you work at night to give your home the appearance that someone is there, and drop your blinds, so that way burglars don’t have easy access to what’s inside your home.” 

Larimer said burglaries can happen anywhere so taking these preventative measures is “absolutely necessary.”