CPS changes sexuality education policy language to comply with the state

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COLUMBIA - Members of the Columbia Public Schools Board of Education unanimously approved changes in the wording of the human sexuality instruction policy in the district.
Superintendent Peter Stiepleman said CPS is already doing what the state now requires.
"For example, the policy now requires that we state that we will alert parents on what we are teaching, that children have the right to be removed from the curriculum if the parent chooses, and that our materials be available to families," he said. "That is already the case for us."
CPS spokesperson Michelle Baumstark said what CPS teaches in health is not sex education.
"We talk about body systems, we talk about diseases, we talk about making healthy choices, those types of things in order to make sure that our students have an overall understanding on health," she said.
Stiepleman also said the state now requires districts to define consent, sexual harassment and sexual violence, as part of the human sexuality curriculum.
Some parts of CPS curriculum had to be changed to reflect the exact wording on those concepts now required by state statue.
However, Stiepleman said those concepts have been part of some of the conversations in class.
The superintendent added the health curriculum is available on the Columbia Public Schools' website.