CPS rezoning forces families to split their households between separate schools

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COLUMBIA -- Construction of a new middle school will separate some siblings within the Columbia Public School district. Attendance area rezoning will go into effect for the 2020-21 school year. 

Frustrated parents took to social media to voice their concerns. One Columbia mom created a Facebook group dedicated to parents against redistricting.

Columbia mom Rebecca Miller will have her two students separated as a result of the rezoning. Her son, Hayden, a junior at Rock Bridge High School, will continue to attend Rock Bridge while her daughter, Ellery, will be forced to attend Hickman High School as an incoming freshman.

"Logistically, it's really difficult," Miller said. "The fact that some families are getting split between different schools in the district means you won't get the same parental involvement."

Miller said she got her daughter a therapist as a way to manage her anxiety.

Another Columbia mom Cara Owings, who is affected by rezoning, spoke to CPS assistant superintendent Jennifer Rukstad. Rukstad told Owings her only solution to the rezoning would be to sell her home and move.

According to Rukstad, 36 families will be split due to the rezoning. Out of those 36, 12 have requested to transfer their students. Some of those families are speaking out because their transfer requests have been denied.

The board of education will meet Monday night to discuss recommended attendance areas.