CPS Waits to Teach 9/11 in Schools

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COLUMBIA - With the ten year anniversary of 9/11 near, many Columbia Public School teachers are planning one day lessons about the event.

However, throughout the school year, students only learn about the terrorist attacks in eleventh grade U.S. History. Social studies teacher Bill Priest said the event comes up much more often than that though.

"It comes up indirectly every week, in terms of constitutional rights, in terms of budget issues," Priest said.

Priest said many times students will bring up the subject by asking questions. The 9/11 unit is the last one that teachers are supposed to get to before the school year's over. Priest said students know less and less about the event as the years go on.

"It's not unusual for a student not to know about the plane that went down in Pennsylvania," Priest said. "It's not unusual for a student not to know about the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon."

One Rock Bridge student remembers the event when she was in kindergarten. She said she'll remember the moment for the rest of her life.

"I'm pretty sure it was on TV," sophomore Nina Johnston said. "My parents turned it on the news, and I saw it, but I didn't really know what was going on."

Because Johnston hasn't been in U.S. history yet, she's learned the majority of what happened from TV news. Even though she remembers it, she also thinks 9/11 should be taught more in school.

"I definitely think students should know more about it because a lot of people are confused about what happened," Johnston said.

Along with the event, 11th grade curriculum dives into the after effects of 9/11 and the country's image. In the curriculum, students are asked to compare the country's image after 9/11 to what the nation's image was after World War II.