CPS Will Vote to Add Walking School Bus to Budget

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Schools will vote tonight on whether or not to add the Walking School Bus program to its budget.

The Walking School Bus program, created by PedNet, is currently funded by federal and private grants. However, PedNet says those grants are now unavailable. PedNet and CPS worked out a contract where the school district would pay for the program's operation. The program is staffed by volunteers, but uses the money for advertising, training and background checks of its volunteers.

A Columbia city council member says a majority of the school board approves of adding the program to the budget. However, some members are concerned with the district's rising cost of health care premiums, and a lower than expected gain from property tax revenue.

The vote will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the CPS administration building located at 1818 West Worley Street.