Crews Out in Full Force to Clear the Roads on New Year\'s Eve

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COLUMBIA - MoDOT and Columbia Public Works crews have been out clearing the snow-covered roads since two o'clock Monday morning.

MoDOT said 100 percent of its trucks are out sanding the roads and plowing snow and will be doing so until at least Tuesday morning.

MoDOT is in charge of the state roads including I-70, US-63 and parts of Stadium, Providence, College and the Business Loop. Columbia Public Works Department takes care of the roads within the city limits.

Steven Sapp with Columbia Public Works said the biggest mistake people make while driving in the snow is going too fast. "Slow down and keep plenty of distance between you and the cars around you," Sapp said.

Sapp said as long as snow is on the roads, crews will be, too.

"Our goal is to try to get out to some of the residential areas. We know tonight could be a busy night. Snow's already sticking to those residential streets so we'd like to try to get out to pretreat as many of those as possible," Sapp said.

Missouri is expected to get one to three inches of snow on New Year's Eve, already one of the most dangerous nights of the year to be on the roads.

"We could see some freezing drizzle this afternoon along with falling temperatures early this evening so anything that's wet on the roadways could certainly freeze, quickly put a layer of freezing drizzle on top of that we could have some pretty slick roads. So buckle up, slow down, and arrive alive," Sapp said.

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