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JEFFERSON CITY - A 17-year-old from Jefferson City will be competing at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, in August.

It will be Noah Casey's third time appearance in the event. This year, he'll be going against 19 of the best 16 and 17-year-old athletes from across the globe, hoping to be crowned the "Fittest on Earth".  

It's enough to make anyone puff our their chest, but the one thing Noah doesn't have to lift or carry is an oversized ego.

"You always think you're good until you compete against people and they beat you, but I just enjoyed it," Casey said. "I wasn't really for sure until my first year qualifying for the games that I was actually at that level.

Noah's parents, Sam and Natalie Casey, are part owners of the Jefferson City Crossfit gym. They said they are so very proud of their son and the work he's put in. 

"It's just a very good feeling as a parent to see your child strive and work that hard for something and see it pay off and then see it pay dividends in other areas of their life" Sam Casey said. "What he gets, he gives back to everyone else."

He's not the only one who had noticed growth. Noah Casey said he enjoys looking back to see how far he's come.

"I think it's funny, last year I was looking at the previous year and it was like 'Wow, I've gown a lot'", Casey said. "Now I'm looking at last year and it's crazy how much I grow each year." 

But what is it that allows Noah to perform at such a high level? Sam Casey said it's the little things.

"We always tell him to be a master of the mundane, do the little things because everyone will work hard in the gym but there's about 90 percent of stuff that goes on outside the gym that'll make you better and he's willing to do those things," he said.

Noah said if you can't do the small things, there's no way to succeed.

"That's just as, or even more important, than just coming in and working out everyday. If you don't eat enough, sleep enough, stretch enough, you're not going to be able to come in here and perform," he said.

According to Sam Casey, it's that firm commitment to excellence that allows Noah to be the best.

"It's just that he was always willing to do something other people aren't willing to do," he said. "He just does the common uncommonly well because he works at it day in and day out, diligently in the gym, at home when he's recovering, he's eating, sleeping, stretching, mobility. He's doing all the small things."

The games will take place Aug. 1-3.