Crosswalk Repair Begins on Broadway

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COLUMBIA - Construction workers began work on repairing the crosswalk and 8th and Broadway Monday.

Repairs have begun because the crosswalks have deteriorated since they were initially put in, in spring 2013. The repairs will mostly consist of removing crosswalk bricks, replacing them, grinding the concrete base, and installing a layer of asphalt.

The city is urging motorists and pedestrians to use caution in the areas surrounding the construction.

Columbian Trevor Karasek lives on the corner of 8th and Broadway above Sycamore Restaurant, and he said the construction might not be worth the inconvenience.

"I think there are lots of other things we could have done with the money instead of re-doing sidewalks," Karasek said. "Pretty much anything else. I know there are lots of other problems in the city like potholes in the street."

The work is planned to be completed within the next four to five weeks, but no later than October 14.

KOMU 8 News tried to contact Columbia Public Works for comment, but they have not responded.